The average home-sized Christmas tree is about 6 feet tall. But these trees can grow (or are built) much taller than this. Ever wonder about the tallest artificial Christmas trees in the world? You’re in luck because we’ve got all the answers. Heads up, some of them may surprise you. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Did you know that the world’s tallest Christmas tree is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? At 278 feet, this tree reigns over the city. It floats over the city’s lagoon, making a beautiful reflection on the water at night when it’s all lit up. It is interesting how the world’s biggest artificial Christmas tree ended up in a place where they celebrate Christmas during the summer season. 

Dortmund, Germany

In the western part of Germany, the city of Dortmund boasts the second-largest artificial Christmas tree in the world. At 145 feet, it towers over the wooden stalls of the magical Christmas market. This amazing tree is created from 1,000 spruce streets fastened together. This is truly a sight to see! 

Compared to the artificial one in Rio de Janeiro, Dortmund’s is the largest natural Christmas tree on Earth.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Just like with the surprising Brazil location, you probably wouldn’t expect to see one of the world’s largest Christmas trees in the middle of the Southwest desert of the United States. At 110 feet, Phoenix is home to the biggest Christmas tree in the USA. Head to downtown Phoenix next Christmas to see for yourself!

Prague, Czech Republic

In this beautiful fairy-tale city, it is only fitting in Prague’s magic that they host one of the largest Christmas trees in the world. Their tree measures in at 72 feet, looking down over the medieval town square. You can even ice skate right next to it and gaze up at is beauty. With some of the best Christmas markets available, Prague will undoubtedly get you into the Christmas spirit. 

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is another place where Christmas is celebrated in the summer. It’s 69 foot Christmas tree decorated with neon kangaroos is truly a unique sight to behold. After enjoying the summer sun all day, you can take a stroll at night into Newton Neighborhood to find this tree lighting up the night. 

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