Are you still debating on whether you want to cut down your own tree or opt for an artificial Christmas tree? You will find that you are not alone in this line of thinking. However, you may find that when you weigh the pros and cons of a real tree versus an artificial Christmas tree, that the artificial tree comes out the winner. 

There are several benefits to opting to use an artificial Christmas tree this year:

  1. You don’t have to worry about dropping pine needles. There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly clean up the needles that fall from real trees. 
  2. No need to worry about watering the tree. Those who have had real trees in the past realize that the water is something that you always have to tend to, otherwise you will have a brown tree by the time that the holiday rolls around.
  3. Artificial Christmas trees are available in numerous sizes and colors. You can easily find one that meets your style and tastes, as well as one that fits the size you need for your home or business. 
  4. They can be reused year after year, which is a greener way to celebrate Christmas! So consider this an investment that will pay for itself later. 
  5. These are super easy to care for! It is simple to put them up and then take them down at the end of the holiday season.
  6. For those with pets, the pet may be discouraged from the artificial tree since it does not smell real. Which could mean not having to worry about cats crawling up it or dogs trying to mark their territory.
  7. You can use any type of decor that you want, as these trees are super strong and meant to hold all the ornaments that you may want to put onto it. 
  8. With the money that you save on having to buy a tree every year, you can opt to buy new decorations or even try a new theme for your tree year after year. 
  9. These trees are easy to take down and store, so they are not really that much of a hassle. You can make it even easier by getting a pre-lit Christmas tree that is going to make it necessary to put on strings of lights.

Have you decided that an artificial Christmas tree is the way to go? If so, you are not alone. Today, many people opt for artificial trees as they look so real compared to what they did years ago.

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