One of the biggest advantages to having an artificial Christmas tree is that you are going to find that the money you save from having to purchase a new tree each year can then be spent on the decor on the tree. You can easily switch out themes each year and make it to where you Christmas tree is something that everyone comes around to see since they never know just what it may look like. One of the more popular themes for this year is the whimsical theme. 

What is the Whimsical Theme?

When you think of whimsical, what do you think of? This can vary for everyone, but for this theme of tree you want to think about snowflakes, glitter, feathers and pastel colors. Most people will be using a silver, gold, white and perhaps a pale pink or even a frosted blue color. For those who have kids, try to consider the movie “Frozen” as your basis for colors. And it could be that with the release of the new “Frozen” movie that is hitting theaters, this theme has been taking off in popularity for a reason!

Tips for Creating a Whimsical Themed Tree

Now that you know what whimsical means, how can you go about creating this? Here are some tips to make it happen:

  1. Less is more when you are dealing with a whimsical theme. You do not want the tree to be heavily laden with tons of ornaments. Use the negative space effectively when it comes to this theme. 
  2. Go with the colors that you like the best. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating this type of theme.
  3. Consider getting white feathers to put around the tree sporadically. There are tons on the market that you can decorate with, and they will add just the right amount of whimsical to the tree. 
  4. Use white lights to help enhance this whimsical theme.
  5. Have fun doing this. The whole idea behind the whimsical theme is to have something that is going to be fun and beautiful. If you have fun while decorating, it is going to show!

For those who are stuck this year as to what theme they want to decorate their tree, they are going to find that Whimsical can be super easy to make. And it will be a beautiful choice!

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