Santa is an image of fun and happiness to the kids. If you have to dress up as Santa, it shouldn’t be so hard. It’s fun and full of excitement. Santa’s experience for the kids has to be so much fun. Here are a few things you should know if you would dress up as Santa. 

1. Wear bright red

If you would look anything like Santa, your trousers in the least should come in a bright red color. Santa is lively and fun. Don’t go for a dark shade of red, and the wrong tone can ruin everything.

2. Add padding

What is Santa without the large mid-region? Pad up if you have to, but your mid-region should bulge, the kids have to recognize Santa at first sight. 

3. Wear a red jacket with white furs

Your jacket’s red color should be every shade as bright as the trousers. Don’t forget the coats too; they should be white and full. The edges of your jacket should be covered in white hair.

4. Use a belt

A big black belt to hold your bulging mid-region in place is a must. You don’t want your stuffed tummy shifting or worse, spilling and ruining Santa’s image. 

5. Wear a beard

A beard is a must! How else would you look like Santa? Wear a long white beard, and it doesn’t have to be real. It is better as fake. You don’t know how curious the kids can be about your ‘beard.’ You don’t want them tugging at your real beards.

6. Wear a white wig and a cap

You have to look every bit like Santa, so you should get a long wavy white wig and of course, the cone-shaped red cap. 

7. Wear glasses and a huge smile

Don’t forget the pair of glasses, and be sure to smile all day. 

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