Over the years, Christmas has remained a special time of the year where people forego all things to see and feel their loved ones. Most especially, it is a period where people have enough time to enjoy the warmth of relationships. But a Christmas is never truly a Christmas without a Christmas tree. Whether wide or slim, high or low, weaved with ornaments and lights or not, Christmas trees serve as the centrepiece of the season. While many types of Christmas trees have come into style over the years, the flocked artificial Christmas trees are now the delight of many. 

During the Christmas season, many people prefer the flocked artificial Christmas trees because they feel the clean white look of the tree displays their ornaments in a better way. To get the best of the artificial Christmas tree, most people apply artificial snow to get the flocked artificial charismas tree. Although the flocked artificial Christmas tree cannot be recycled properly due to the chemical composition of the flocking mixture, it sure serves it purpose of lushness and elegance all through the season. 

While there are readily made snow-kissed Christmas trees, you can also decide to flock your artificial Christmas tree yourself to infuse your home with the desired beauty of winter by using soap shavings, shaving cream, desiccated coconut or white spray paint. 

Although employing DIY strategies to beautify your home with a flocked artificial Christmas tree can be stressful, it is usually a cheaper option 

Here are the things to consider when flocking your artificial Christmas tree

  • Follow the instruction to ensure that flocking is done in the required temperature 
  • Flocking should be done in the daytime when the wind blows mildly 
  • After assembling the sections of the artificial Christmas tree, allow it to stand for days before flocking 
  • Flock the exterior part of the tree before the interior part 
  • Avoid flocking the underside segment of the branch
  • Flock from the top to the bottom 

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