There is so much you can do with Christmas balls. They come in different colors and forms, and they are handy. Why should your 9 foot artificial Christmas tree lay bare when you can have it all dolled up and beautiful within a few minutes? Christmas balls are also ornaments. Christmas balls can be used in a lot of ways to beautify the colossal tree. Learn how to get it done. 

1.  Have a color pop

               Christmas balls come in different colors. You could purchase a variety of colors and attach them to your tree. You don’t have to make a pattern with the colors, just have your 9 foot Christmas tree popping with different colors all over the tree. This way, you can play with the colors and splash them all over the tree. 

     2. Use silver balls only

               You could decorate your tall Christmas tree with a single color of balls. A collection of silver balls would transform your tree drastically. The monochromatic design would help your tree maintain its natural look. 

      3. Make a pattern

               With two colors or a bit more, you could successfully make a pattern across your Christmas tree. Choose the colors you prefer and simply make any pattern you want. The designs should be regular. You would have yourself a colorful giant Christmas tree. 

   4. Arrange at the lower part of your tree

                If arranging balls on your 9 foot Christmas tree bothers you, you don’t have to go all the way. You can restrict your balls to the lowest branches. You could make a circle round the tree by attaching the balls to the lowest branches. It’s simple, but it will transform your tree within a short period and with minimized stress. 

5. Paint wooden balls

               You can make a massive transformation to your tree with some painted wooden balls. Each ball could come in different colors and patterns. You won’t believe the change when they are all hanging from your tree.

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